Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Wives Tales..

How many times during one's pregnancy have they 
predicted if it is going to be a baby girl or baby boy..

If the mother is more graceful throughout her pregnancy,
she is having a girl. 
If she is clumsy, she is having a boy...

Oh! I like this one..
Do you feel your nose is growing and getting wider?
If so, you might be getting a boy. 

If you are craving for salty foods while pregnant
you can count on having a boy.

If you crave sweets, fruits and orange juice, 
you are having a little girl..

You can find more Old Wives Tales here.
This Moses basket is ready for either.

This Moses basket is quite popular, I have a drawing
of it by Jennelise Rose and I found an embroidery
by Elina Partu of it.

It is great to see that some expecting parents still like 
to be surprised at birth.
We didn't know the sex of my babies until the birth,
we have three lovely girls.

I had to get this baby pouch out of my system,
I bought a bag full of one yard lace samples,
they are so pretty, I used them on this pouch
and soon I will use them on the front panel of a 

I also made this new baby blanket.
On the inside I used pure soft cotton and on the outside 
layers of lace.

For my next baby bed I bought this wonderful 
pink lace, perfect for a canopy.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Dearest Angela,
    Before I retreat to my sewing machine, it is wonderful to visit you as this is like going to HEAVEN! How dreamy again and yes, you are so right about 'Old Wives Tales'. That link has quite a number of them but I doubt if we ever get rid of them!

  2. Angela,
    I heard things and laughed at them....During pregnancy, I was always wrong about the gender of our children. We have 4 girls and one boy. And we were told by an ultrasound technician that we were going to have a boy, but that was when our youngest daughter was born! We had decided not to tell anyone, just in case they were not correct, we knew a few couples who were prepared for one gender and the OTHER gender was what they got! So, I think it was good to not know!
    Such beautiful laces and sewing pretties....I want one of your baskets....just to put my dolly in!

  3. Wat een PRACHTIGE dingen maak je zeg, heb veel respect voor want ik weet hoeveel werk het is..

  4. Hello Angela...I just found you and I am so happy I did....looking at all the beautiful laces you have found and what you do with them has been a wonderful treat!

    I always thought old wives tales were fun when I was having my children....I remember an elderly friend having me lie down and she held a button on a string over my large tummy....If it swung one way it was a boy, if the went the other way it was a girl. I don't remember which was which, but her guess turned out right. lol! It was a boy!
    Then the other that was so popular back then was if you carry your baby high it is a girl, if low, it is a boy...
    They are such fun to read....