Saturday, November 26, 2011

Silk Baby Pouches

I love the lace I on the front of this baby pouch.
It's off white and great to use for many things.

Here with a pink background to highlight the pattern.

It even stands out with a cream background.

On a little bolster with a striped base...

Sigh! I just love my lace...

I hope you have a wonderful week.

I'll be joining in with Cindy at Show and Tell Friday


  1. Ciao sono una blogger italiana
    Grazie per avermi ricordato il port-enfant di quand'ero piccola!!! e complimenti per il tuo è bellissimo!!!! Valeria

  2. magical, fairytale-perfect set for a newborn

  3. Beautiful..I love your lace too. You are so soon as I know someone having a baby, I'm so going to let them know about you..

  4. I love your lace as much as you do! Those are sooo gorgeous, I love everything you do!


  5. ik zit hier weer te kwijlen van al dat moois wat je weer gemaakt hebt.
    wat prachtig om al dit kant ook te zien.
    waar koop jij je kant?
    fijne week en liefs