Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tom Yummmm Soup

As you can see we love the Global Village!
Yesterday we went back for the third time this week
and took some more pictures.

I think this one was taken in Turkey, aren't these lamps pretty?

When Yasmin, my eldest daughter who lives in France,
knew we were going, the only thing on her mind was
 Tom Yum sea food soup from the Thai village..
and she requested a picture.

Here is Nadia hard at work...



  1. Dearest Angela,

    Those lamps are like fairytale lamps and for the Thai Tom Yum Kung soup I would have gone back too! We're living for four days in such a fairytale world with the wedding (today) and pre-wedding celebrations from our India friends. Tomorrow we'll fly home from Toronto, Canada...
    Love to you,


  2. Well, I guess if she can't have it, a picture will be the next best thing. Since I have moved from Minnesota to Florida. Every year my Mom goes to the state fair in Minnesota and eats cheese curds, this wonderful fried cheese. I make her call me while she is eating it!!


  3. dit ziet er betoverend uit en wat prachtig die lampjes.
    ik weet zeker dat je een fantastische dag hebt gehad.
    fijne zondag en groetjes van an

  4. The Polka Dot Closet gave me a great idea... next time... picture won't be enough.. you call me and I want to hear the slurping on the phone!! Just the picture makes my mouth water... and I can actually feel my eyes well up with the spicyness... yum yum tom yum yum yum... urm soup.
    Thank you!! Kiss kiss
    Love you lots!