Sunday, July 24, 2011

Romantic cushions.

Two cushions to match the boudoir seat I posted about 
a few days ago.

This was a 60 x 80 cm. size pillow but I pushed 
the filling to one side and stitch it lengthwise, now it is 40 x 80 cm.
and I think it looks much nicer. 

This little oval hides the endings of the lace,
just perfect.

I still didn't do anything with the dark rose material.
I want to use it to cover a chair but haven't found 
the time yet to do so.

This lavender hanger is very old but it still smells nice.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Very lovely Angela..... the pillows are gorgeous. Oh how I wish you were able to make some things for me... you are so talented and it shows you enjoy what you do. Your work is incredible!!

    Have a Wonderful Day~

  2. Очень красивые , изысканные и нежные подушки !!!

  3. Of course like every thing you make the pillows is gorgeous! Your creations are as gorgeous as that vintage sachet! I was reading about Dubai the other day when you were talking about a store you have. If you ever get a chance, I (And I am sure everyone else) would love to know more about your country


  4. dank je voor je bezoekje op mijn blog:)
    wat een heerlijke romantiek hier bij jou!

    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  5. Hallo Angela,
    bedankt dat je me gaat volgen en voor je reactie op mijn blog.
    wat een prachtig blog heb je, ik ga je graag volgen!!!
    this is sooo my style!!
    hele fijne dag vandaag,
    groetjes Anneke.