Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If I am not at home, I'll be at the Pottery Barn sale!

At last I finished this sweet Moses basket!

This time I kept it very neutral; cream and beige material.
The mother doesn't want to know the sex of the baby
and likes to keep it a surprise.    

I found the faintest beige polka dot and stripe on a cream background. 

Sweet little baby blanket, I love this one!


Here is the cherry on the cake...

Pottery Barn Sale....

Dubai is quite small, to drive from one end 
to the opposite end without traffic will take half an hour, so you can 
imagine the size of Dubai.
Imagine 2 P.Barns... in it, how lucky are we.... :)

I couldn't stop myself from shopping!
 75% discount is something I just can not handle....
These are a few items I had to have.
We don't have a garden.. maybe in the future we will,
so I got a croquet set and a bowling set of course...

Lots of candles and stickers with the Eiffel tower.

Lots of pillow cases because I'm thinking of changing my 
chair covers and these will match perfectly... 

Small cotton towels, to make pillow cases out of, they are a bit thin,
but the print is so pretty.
They will go into the cupboard for later when a little lamp bulb above my 
head goes "plingg" on... 

I hope you have a wonderful week

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  1. The basket is beautiful!!! I love all of the goodies you found!!! Awesome!!