Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out and about in Dubai!

First stop... nice and early, the fish market.
Missed by many visitors but I think a must see!
All the colours and kinds of fish, local and imported, the people of Dubai love fish and eat it often, so do we.

 We did a tour around Dubai with my daughter's in-laws, it was their first time so we were their tour guides.

 Neat and tidy displays.

Next stop, the spice market to buy some saffron, I only use it in my Paella.

My daughter and her mother-in-law choosing some fine spices.
Little Eloise is looking on.

Bottom right is Frankincense above that, red tea and all the way left is sage.

A little further past the spice market is the gold souq and the gold is overwhelming.
The golden belt and head decorations are used for girls at wedding celebrations. 

Bling, bling...

After that there was some dress shopping for this little princess Anais.

 Here my two little granddaughters holding tight.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and hold your loved ones tight.


  1. I can't wait to share this post with my daughter. She has spoken so often about shopping in the souqs. She really enjoyed her time in Dubai. Your granddaughters are adorable. I love the last picture of Anais holding the baby so carefully. It is so sweet.

  2. Hi Angela, What beautiful grandchildren! that precious pictures of seafood, herbs, visit this fascinating market! Greetings, Rose Marie

  3. Dearest Angela,

    What a nice exotic tour! Not that much different from e.g. Indonesia where we used to work and live for about three years. The gold you should have mentioned is either 24 or 22 Kt as in Indonesia too and it is more of a personal banking system as people often swap it for more expensive pieces or if they need cash for other things. Pure gold is always higher value anyway. Their culture and weddings are so much more exotic as in the western world! We went to an engagement party last night of two sons from our medical friend. They're from India and they come in all their silk saries, wearing their gold jewellery and wait till its their wedding that is even far more exotic. We've been to such a wedding before. The fashion for the Middle East and India is very similar and both are gorgeous. Also the use of fabrics like all sorts of silk is far more luxurious than the polyester garments you find so many of in e.g. the USA. Personally I always go for natural fibers. So much more sheen, so much better to work with etc. etc.
    But the most precious of ALL are your two granddaughters!

    Have a great week!

    Lots of love,