Thursday, December 2, 2010

The tree is out of the box.

My tree is standing and dressed up with sugar sweet birds I found in the whole sale market. At this market I can't just buy one box, the minimum amount is 12 boxes, so here is the result..

My cat chewed up a few birds, that still leaves me with ten boxes..

We live three stories high in an apartment so in this picture he's enjoying the view. The poor cat has never left the house to walk on grass or chase real birds.
One day I hope to get a house with a garden, until then he stays at home.

I have three of these hanging from my lamps, I hope it holds...

Saturday I will be linking this post with Favorite things 2010.


  1. Hi Angela, What beautiful ornaments on the tree. I love them! they are my favorite colors and they look great, the birds in these colors are different, you did them any alteration? I think the white trees look so different, for me are perfect to combine with pastel colors, beautiful Christmas! Greetings Rose marie

  2. Your tree is charming. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm glad you liked my chair.

  3. Thats so cute. Our cat loves the tree too!

  4. Hi Angela
    What a beautiful tree and the wreathes hanging from the lights - such a gorgeous idea.
    Oh your darling little cat - he won't know any different and I'm sure he loves the special world he lives in!!
    We don't have a cat any more as we have a bird bath and our garden is a sanctuary for all the birds in the area!! They are a joy to watch but very hard to photograph - I've tried but all I ever seem to get is a blur as they take flight!!
    Christmas hugs

  5. Lovely tree, Angela! Love the wreath hanging from your chandy!


  6. Beautiful tree. So romantic. Love the birds.