Thursday, December 9, 2010

Behind glass doors..

I have a small collection of Wedgewood behind glass doors to keep it safe from my cats, they break anything I keep on the table, chew my plants, scratch my furniture and leave their hair everywhere...

I love the detail on this container I keep locked away.

These I can keep on my table safely because they're hot!

A vintage beaded purse my Mom gave me a few years ago, it has a silver clip and chain.

This is why I forgive him, he is soft and sweet and always likes to cuddle.
 I have to cover those chairs anyway and so it's less dusting when my breakables are behind glass doors..

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  1. Hi Angela, I think we all have behind the glass, several things we want to preserve "and naughty little boys over 'cat for you. Own a very nice collection! There are so many beautiful things in the photo you've shared, but as I always say, great treasures. "Things so delicate and beautiful. Greetings, Rose Marie

  2. Lovely wedgewood pieces - I've got a couple of pieces from my mother too - she loved fine china.
    I would forgive your darling grey cat too, !!!