Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Wrought Iron Baby Bed

I have a long 'to do list' before traveling
on Friday night..
Yay! we're off to France and this time 
destination.. Toulouse. It will be our first time to 
this city and this year we are going a bit earlier.
We usually go to the provence area in high summer
and it is too hot for my liking, Dubai is hot enough!

Today I finished this sweet iron baby bed,
I used 'antique white silk' with rose silk bows.

I love this lace covered curtain.

I made a matching baby pouch.

The little oval decoration looks like a cameo.

I am pleased that the supermarket downstairs 
 started selling flowers for a good price and 
they last at least a week!

I hope you have a great week.


  1. Hi lieve Angela,

    Wat een geweldige wieg heb je nu weer bekleed!!! Echt zo prachtig om te zien en zo beeldig gemaakt ook weer!! Fijn dat je lekker kan slagen voor bloemetjes want dat zal daar wel een fortuin kosten!!

    Heel veel liefs Sharon

  2. I wish I was the baby who was going to enjoy sleeping in that beauty ;) it's simply magnificent my soooo talented friend :)


  3. Cudowne Twoje prace są!!!! zaglądam do Ciebie i się nimi zachwycam!!
    Pozdrawiam z Polski.... Beata :)

  4. Angela,
    Oh,! I thought you had gone THIS last weekend. You are amazing, you sew so quickly and beautifully! The Antique Silk is gorgeous and looks so crisp. I love the lace curtain and the Baby pouch is so sweet! Is that also a pouch inside the bed? or just a fancy lacy ruffled blanket? It is so pretty. I Love looking at your items every time! Hugs and Hearts to you!

  5. Dearest Angela,
    Wow, you're off to Toulouse. That's a long time ago since I was there in the 70s...
    You will no doubt enjoy it after you collapse in the plane when finishing your long list! This wrought iron baby bed is so dreamy; almost unreal. You certainly create dreams for others!
    Oh, how lucky you are for finding such great roses downstairs in your super market! Wish we had that here; we have to drive 8 km and the quality is not that what a Dutch born person might expect.
    Hugs to you and safe travel! Enjoy your stay.