Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snug as a Bug in a Rug...

We can never get enough of 
cream and beige...

I had to fill up the corners of this baby pouch.
The request was to make the front panel round
so this was my only option and I think
it turned out great!

These days I add four layers of lace 
around the the skirt of the Moses Basket.

I have many requests from overseas 
for a baby bed or Moses baskets.
 I am sorry, I don't send outside the 

This was my first time to make
a baby swaddle wrap..
This doll is too stiff to swaddle!

My baby pouches have zippers 
on both sides. 

Four layers of lace! 
I wonder why I use silk 
when it doesn't even show...
Next time I'll use cotton!

I hope you have a wonderful
week with many new projects.


  1. Oh! This is great! You're a magician!

  2. Ik vind het weer prachtig, een lust voor het oog!

    Lieve groeten Janny

  3. Dearest Angela,
    What a cloud full of lace and fluffiness. Too bad you don't ship outside of the Emirates... But you must have good reasons for not doing so.

  4. LIeve Angela,

    zucht wat moet ik hier nou weer op zeggen!! i am in love,,,,,,

    Hugs Sharon

  5. Hi:)
    wouw that is awsome......beautiful as all of your things!!
    greetings marjolein