Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Covered Cotton Bud Holder Tutorial

Today I made something different...
Cotton bud holders covered in toile,
draped with lace, a dash of trim, and 
sprinkled with flowers. 

I started with plain cotton bud containers.
These flip open from the side and are a little 
trickier than the ones that have a top cover.

I took the measurement of the circumference 
and cut the material precisely at the edge. 

I then glued it into place,
and made a mark where the material will be cut out 
so the lid can be closed.

From the back I left some extra material
to overlap.

I'm sorry this picture isn't very clear.
Here I zig-zaged some lace at the edge
of the material, following the pattern.

I started gluing in the middle to make it 
fit exactly around the container. 

I glued the material to the top, and later cut 
out along the edges.

Oops! make sure if you have a pattern on the 
material that it is upright...

Gather all the trims you have and find one or two 
that looks best on your container. 

Carefully I followed the edge of the container with the trim
making sure I didn't glue the cover shut...

Both sides with different trim.

I have this nice cotton lace that has 
 ribbon through it, so I glued that all around  
 the edge of the top.

Then I pulled the ribbon to tie it close.

I gathered some flowers and trims 
to glue on top of the container.

This cutie will look nice on any dressing table.

This square box is much easier to make.
I used the same lace with ribbon as on 
the top of previous container.
Then I glued it around the edge of the lid.

Then pulled the ribbon tight and glued into place.

Some trims to decorate the top with.

I glued a strip of material around the container
with the lid on because if it overlaps the lid 
won't close.

I then added some trim at the top 
and bottom of the container,
and had fun decorating the top.

I hope you have a wonderful and creative week.

On Friday I will join in with


  1. Omg how adorable, you never seem to stop amazing me with your gorgeous creations my ohhhh soooo talented friend ;) maybe one day ill try my hand at making!


  2. Wow--you can take anything and make it gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your how to's :)

  3. Dearest Angela,

    What you made her for a nice and romantic hiding place for simple Q-tips is amazing.
    Hugs to you,

  4. You blog is really amazing!!! I am your fan directly!!

    Hugs sharon

  5. Beautiful! I loved seeing all the details that went into making the holder so special.

  6. You took something simple and made it amazingly beautiful. take care, Darlene

  7. ohhh een eigen knutselkamer echt mijn droom, niet verwonderlijk dat er zulke mooie creaties uit jouw handen komen echt super :-))

  8. Çok güzel tasarım.Bende deniyeceğim.Sevgiler.

  9. Super pomysł i Znowu Toile ,
    Dziekuję ..

  10. What a great idea! You are so clever and make everythign so pretty!

  11. What a great idea! You are so clever and make everythign so pretty!