Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Olive Green Moses Basket

What colour can we use for a baby boy's 
Moses basket?
How about olive green for a change, I had this 
soft green lace for a while and it looks so pretty 
with all the green flowers and off white.

The canopy doesn't belong to this stand,
I just used it for the pictures.

I also made a diaper and wet-wipes holder
and found these small velvet flowers.

I haven't made this before, I added some lace and trim
to a padded plastic changing mat, to match the set.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Today I am joining in with White Wednesday


  1. Невероятная нежность!!Я в восторге!!

  2. Do plastisch und malerisch ist deine Arbeit.Schöne Grüße aus Vienna.Hugs.Alice

  3. wat laat je ons toch altijd prachtige dingen zien....zitten er bij jou 48 uren in een dag?