Saturday, October 22, 2011

Decorated Boxes

Pink cream cake, without the calories..
Four carton boxes stacked on top of each other
decorated with delicious lace and flowers. 

I made these boxes before and you can find them
on the right side of my blog.

I finished four more Maries.

I love her face and hair.

Here it shows how tiny the ladies are.

Sometimes it's hard to find the right material.
The red and green cotton on the Moses basket I found  
in the bedding section, and is a cut up pillowcase.
Perfect match for my green material.

Now I got the dolls out of my system!
Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments.

I hope you have a lovely and 
creative week.


  1. Schön und Wunderbare Arbeit..Deine Sachen gefält mir..Liebe Größe aus Wienna,Alice

  2. Sei bravissima e hai molta fantasia!Rosetta

  3. I love your blog Angela!. It is like Fairy Tile, everything is so beautiful!. I can spend hours enjoying your art!. Those boxes are truly looking delicious!

    I'll be back.

  4. Oh I love everything you do, always different, original, and beautiful!!


  5. Nice!! that Marie Antoinette's :)

  6. Hi Angela, that precious little boxes! Looks like we're in the royal household, where there were these delicacies, decorated in period style and your "mariasAntonietas" look beautiful! greetings. Rose M