Thursday, October 28, 2010

♫ These are a few of my favorite things...

I love all the colours of Shabby Chic and romantic French but I am too chicken to paint my furniture white or cream, I did get my white sofa from IKEA and added lots of pink floral pillows but all the cupboards and tables are like grandmother's brown furniture.
One day I will get the courage to get the paint brush out and start with something unloved to transform, till then I will cover them with French linen.


  1. I love the white look too...check my post in this link party about white linen slipcovers! I totally love the white look but I also have other pieces of furniture in dark tones, and it seems to still have the shabby chic feel. Come poke around my blog for more inspiration!

  2. Hi Angela, I miss those. I have more furniture dark, although some have been replacing or painting others white. White has become my obsession made several years. Will eventually reach your goals. I think the white, pink and other pastel colors, cream-white add a touch of serenity to the home. Rose Marie greetings