Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

I use this tissue paper brand and it has 200 tissues in it so it's 
quite high.
You can use any size box.
I put the box on a large card paper and drew around it, then tipped it onto it's right side,
followed the box contours and did the same on all sides.

Cut out along the lines.

Put the cut out pattern on quilted material and add one centimeter to 
the sides for the seam.
For the bottom edge there is no need for a seam, because the top material 
will fold over the ending.
Cut the outer material along the sides and leave two centimeters extra
for the bottom.

If you don't have quilted lining then you can use 
wading and lining material = more work!
Stitch the four sides, marked with pencil, so the box will fit 

Pin the seam and machine stitch around.

Mark where the tissue opening should be, 
then zig zag a very tight, giant button hole.

I used a medium-hot iron to make nice folds on all sides.

If you like a simple tissue box without frills 
then here is where you should stop. 

Or just keep going...

I love this Toile!



  1. Oh so pretty! Another great use for scraps!


  2. cute idea! thanks for visiting my blog today : )
    cheryl x

  3. Bedankt voor de tutorial 1
    Mooi blog met heerlijk veelkant 1
    Lieve groet ♥RINI♥