Sunday, July 31, 2011

Desk Chair Cover with Lace.

I was asked to cover this desk chair for a girly room.
I had fun making it.

The back of the chair looks so sweet and frilly..

The panel on the front looks like a picture frame.

I used one layer of net under the skirt,
so it puffs out a bit.

I used non-slip on the seat so it stays put.

I hope you have a lovely week.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink....

Today I finished some more cushions, a bit of pink,
green and a lot of lace was the request.

I covered the main green checkered material of the cushion completely..
First I put linen with the letters and stitched pink lace and a velvet ribbon through
lace on top of that.
Behind the big crochet lace I put pink satin ribbon and gathered 
cotton lace on one side and two layers of lace on the outside.. and finished it of 
with ribbon through lace.
so I put everything on that pillow but the kitchen sink...

I made three cushions and one tissue box.

This is the second time to make this cushion,
but this one is made with cotton and is a bit bigger.

I found this cute romantic dress on sale,  there is no way I'll ever fit in it..
I just loved the colour and all the stitching on it.
I could just hang it somewhere in my bedroom or make a few pillows out of it.

While I was clicking away, I would like to show you 
my vintage photo frame, the details are amazing.

Some new lace I bought today in the souq.
The one on the left is the ribbon through lace,
the other one is all cotton, like crochet lace.

Did I mention I bought lots of it..

Here with a ribbon through it.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

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on Friday with,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Romantic cushions.

Two cushions to match the boudoir seat I posted about 
a few days ago.

This was a 60 x 80 cm. size pillow but I pushed 
the filling to one side and stitch it lengthwise, now it is 40 x 80 cm.
and I think it looks much nicer. 

This little oval hides the endings of the lace,
just perfect.

I still didn't do anything with the dark rose material.
I want to use it to cover a chair but haven't found 
the time yet to do so.

This lavender hanger is very old but it still smells nice.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some more Lace...

A bolster, cushion and a table cover with lace,
sprinkled with blue bows and flowers.

This customer will have a little baby boy and is 
going to decorate her room in the hospital with these colours.

Often the new mother changes the whole hospital room's 
decor, curtains and all.

Here you can see the layers of the table cover stitched together.
I like the last edge, it is the perfect ending.

The quilt is my latest purchase from Pottery-Barn. 

Today I am joining in with Show and Tell Friday

I hope you pass by and visit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vanity chair

This chair will go to a little girls room.
Frilly and fluffy...

This time I found some cute tassels and added them to the trim.  

Next to make some cushions to match this chair.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If I am not at home, I'll be at the Pottery Barn sale!

At last I finished this sweet Moses basket!

This time I kept it very neutral; cream and beige material.
The mother doesn't want to know the sex of the baby
and likes to keep it a surprise.    

I found the faintest beige polka dot and stripe on a cream background. 

Sweet little baby blanket, I love this one!


Here is the cherry on the cake...

Pottery Barn Sale....

Dubai is quite small, to drive from one end 
to the opposite end without traffic will take half an hour, so you can 
imagine the size of Dubai.
Imagine 2 P.Barns... in it, how lucky are we.... :)

I couldn't stop myself from shopping!
 75% discount is something I just can not handle....
These are a few items I had to have.
We don't have a garden.. maybe in the future we will,
so I got a croquet set and a bowling set of course...

Lots of candles and stickers with the Eiffel tower.

Lots of pillow cases because I'm thinking of changing my 
chair covers and these will match perfectly... 

Small cotton towels, to make pillow cases out of, they are a bit thin,
but the print is so pretty.
They will go into the cupboard for later when a little lamp bulb above my 
head goes "plingg" on... 

I hope you have a wonderful week